PhotoIreland 2013 Exhibition

Against the Tide – Images from the 1980s Irish Women’s Movement
by Rose Comiskey – In association with PhotoIreland Festival 2013

Opening Reception JULY 26, 2013 @ 6PM
Exhibition Duration 26 July - 5 July, 12pm to 6pm

Venue: Avenue Road Gallery
30 Avenue Road, Portobello, Dublin 8

Against the Tide is a photographic record of the campaign for reproductive rights in Ireland in the 1980s. The passing of the 1982 amendment to the Irish Constitution introduced a ban on abortion and divided Irish society. Women of all ages took to the streets to protest against the new law. Recent events have brought the issue back into the political arena. I documented many of the marches and protests during this period including the ‘Defend the Clinics’ and the ‘Right to Know’ campaigns.

The problems of 1980s Ireland – recession, change, unease and protest – are reflected in what we are experiencing in the present day. These photographs provide an insight into women’s struggle for fundamental rights then and bear witness to a time of frustration and setback but also to the spirit and determination of the women who fought for these rights.